Mothers’ Night Festivities

The ham is cooked. The devilled eggs and potato salad sit in the refrigerator. Bread is baking. Stuffing is forthcoming. An ale is being shared currently while a wine and a mead are in the refrigerator for later use.

Everything is clean. The floors are vacuumed. The shrines are dusted.

Various festive lights are on. Candles will be lit soon. German music is playing, as is traditional for my family. My husband is singing German and Latin songs while he works in the kitchen.

All in all, the night is coming together nicely. I still have over thirteen hours until sunrise and my final offering to Sun. Various things will be burned and offered to the Mothers in the meantime.

Most people are suitably quiet online right now, but Jön Upsal posted earlier. He wrote a short piece for inviting the Mothers to join:

The three Mothers traveled to the table,
They found the feast filling;
Meat from the table,
Bread from the board,
Wine from the cask.

Boons brought the Mothers, bright fortune,
Success for the supper they saw;
One Mother was there,
One Mother is there,
Another Mother will be there.

Look upon us with kindly eyes, oh Mothers,
Bless us for the feast we give.

Have a lovely night, everyone.

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