While I’ve Been Gone

The last few months have been a blur. Truthfully I’m stunned that it’s June and not April anymore. I can’t really tell you what I’ve been doing for the most part, but, whatever it was, I’ve been horribly distracted. I haven’t really been reading my books, doing rituals, attending the Anglo-Saxon Heathen meetup in New Hampshire, reading the Heathen groups on reddit and Facebook, or doing much of anything. It’s a pity.

I can at least say that I have enjoyed Stellaris a great deal. It was oddly nice to be among the earliest people to get some of the hardest achievements in that game. It’s a rare thing that I can earn any at all, but that game really does excite me.

I don’t really have much to offer, but below are some links to things that have been recently posted that I enjoyed. It’s hardly inclusive of the odds and ends that I’ve read over the last few months, though.

Stevie Miller’s “You Should Read Bad Books“:

Do you think Wudan would ever ignore a book because it was “bad”? Do you think He would ever pass by an area of potential knowledge because it was unpopular, or willingly leave any stone unturned where information might exist?

Wodgar’s “What I do“:

When I first discovered Heathenry, I really wanted to snoop around and see what others did, as far as home practice. What I quickly realised is, hearth-cult is exceedingly personal and the minutiae of one’s practice is not transferable from home to home, person to person. Sure, some basic fundamentals are there, but every man’s family is different, their experiences are different and how they approach their dead is inevitably different.

Marc’s “On the Importance of Ritual: Or, Why Taking Communion IS a Big Deal“:

There seems to be an all too familiar seems to be one that is all too familiar to individuals partaking in a religious ceremony in what is actually a religiously mixed marriage:

Being forced to suffer through a Christian ceremony for the sake of familial peace. Or, being forced to suffer through distinct Christian ritual for the sake of familial peace.

I hope to be doing some posts of my own again soon. I have several drafts that are months, if not years, old at this point and a few new ideas that need to be hashed out.

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