Thinking of Yule

Joseph Bloch has started a series of articles regarding Yule. In fact, several articles are already up:

  1. Kicking off the Yuletide: St. Nicholas Day / Krampusnacht
  2. A paucity of celebrations
  3. Lussinatta: Celebrating the Light
  4. St. Thomas the Brewer revisited

At least another four articles are forthcoming, as outlined in the introductory post, so keep an eye on his posting. Each post has only been a few days apart, so you won’t be waiting for long.

In the past I’ve written about my Yuletide plans, but I’ll be writing another post in the coming days hopefully. Our fall decorations are still slowly coming down, but we’ve had our first snowfall already. It was meagre, but it gets the ball rolling, I suppose.

In other news, my research has been a bit slow lately. I’ve tried to read Sacred Waters: Holy Wells and Water Lore in Britain and Ireland by Janet Bord and Colin Bord, but it’s painful so far. It’s been overwhelmingly about Celtic things, which with hope will change eventually to something more useful for me. The writing just doesn’t excite in any way, too.

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