The Site

The title of the site, Heargweard, is Old English for “temple warden, priest”. A hearg is more expansively a “pile of stones, altar; sacred place, grove, temple”.

The header image is by arjantje and is entitled “Little Pile“.

The Author

I’m Karl Benson and I’m an Anglo-Saxon reconstructionist in New England. I’m passionate about history, religion, and language and I hope to share that knowledge one day with my children.

Previously I posted on Tumblr as wodneswine (“Wōden’s friend”) from July 2012 to September 2014. I continue to link to my posts here on that account, but I no longer actively participate in the site.

I’ve written more about myself previously.

Ethics Statement

I shall not post links with undisclosed affiliate codes, such as what one may do with Amazon links, nor shall I host sponsored content without marking it noticeably as such. Any relations shall be disclosed.


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