Today’s Browser Tabs

It’s been just over a year since I posted my browser tabs. Might as well let everyone see what I’ve kept around in a horrid mess. Let’s count!

  1. Some Controversial Aspects of the Myth of Baldr” by Anatoly Liberman
  2. Völuspá and the Feast of Easter” by John McKinnell
  3. The Swine in Old Nordic Religion and Worldview” by Lenka Kovárová
  4. The Significance of the Rune-Names: Evidence from the Anglo-Saxon and Nordic Sources
  5. English: The Language of the Vikings” by Joseph Embley Emonds and Jan Terje Faarlund
  6. Pagan Survivals, Superstitions and Popular Cultures in Early Medieval Pastoral Literature” by Bernadette Filotas
  7. Rich and Powerful: The Image of the Female Deity in Migration Age Scandinavia” by Rudolf Simek
  8. Thor the Wind-Raiser and the Eyrarland Image” by Richard Perkins
  9. Senses of the Past: The Old English Vocabulary of History” by Catalin Taranu
  10. Meet the Other in Norse Myth and Legend” by John McKinnell
  11. Going to Hel: The Consequences of a Heathen Life” by William P. Reaves
  12. Lutzelfrau” on Wikipedia
  13. St. Lucy’s Day” on Wikipedia
  14. Beating the bounds” on Wikipedia
  15. Rogation days” on Wikipedia
  16. The Winter Goddess: Percht, Holda, And Related Figures” by Lotte Motz
  17. The Sacred and the Holy” by forvrin

Could be worse.

Today’s Browser Tabs

Let’s start something that will both amuse me and help me stay organised.

How many tabs do I have open?

  1. Animals in Saxon and Scandinavian England” — probably open since it was posted in early August and still unread.
  2. Burying the Carnival” in The Golden Bough. Fascinating stuff.
  3. From Fairytale to Goddess: Frau Holle and the Scholars That Try to Reveal Her Origins” by Catherine Heath.
  4. Walburgisnacht by Any Other Name” — there for some references that I need to remember.
  5. Berchta – the White Lady” — also reference material for something later.
  6. The February 2012 archive for Die Braucherei. This is mostly for the White-Haired Woman article, though.
  7. The Brotherhood of Woden. Hilariously bad and incorrect and causes random music to play in the background if the tab reloads, which just recently freaked me out when I hadn’t been near the computer for half an hour.
  8. Revenant” on Wikipedia. This is mostly for the links at the bottom of the page, which proved surprisingly useful.
  9. Waking the Dead in Icelandic Folk Legends“.
  10. The library page for the Temple of Our Heathen Gods.
  11. German legendary creatures” on Wikipedia.
  12. The Discoverie of Witchcraft” on Wikipedia. I wish that more books these days had titles like its full one.
  13. English legendary characters” on Wikipedia.
  14. The table of contents for Joseph Jacobs’ books.
  15. Di sma undar jordi” on Wikipedia. I had never heard of this before and I have enjoyed it immensely, despite how little information is available, even when translated from the Swedish page.

Only fifteen today! Much better than yesterday.