It’s an odd thing when someone responds to something with only “educate yourself”, plus maybe some insults afterwards. That’s not exactly a good way to garner support for yourself. Worse yet, it often comes from people who do no understand the issue at hand, yet still manage to come across as self-righteous and aggressive.

Why not write up a lovely response with links to informative things?Maybe the original person doesn’t have access to the same information as readily or doesn’t know where to look. And I do mean actually informative things. Provide people with peer reviewed studies, books with proper citations, and the latest news on discoveries. Don’t give them Tumblr posts filled with vitriol and the worst of self-serving UPG.

Trying to teach people about important topics can be hard, I admit. I spent two years trying to combat misinformation on Tumblr, only to see people ignoring my information often enough and instead wanting ahistorical tripe. It hurts a bit. But I still want to share information where I can. There are still silent people out there who love what is provided. They stick to the shadows and absorb what they find. I was like that when I was a teenager and, looking back, I realise that I learned a surprising amount that way. I became able to stand on my own and help others in turn.

If you’re too tired of people to provide a useful response, don’t respond at all. Let someone else deal with it. Or maybe come back to it later once you’re feeling better about it. You’ll only scare away people or anger them if you’re immediately coming off as an awful person.