Stunning Hatred

I am just stunned by the nonsense that has been happening in the last month or so in Heathen and polytheistic circles. It’s been one madness after madness. Normally I would be entertained to some degree, but I’m getting worried for what it means in the future.

The biggest was the brouhaha regarding the AFA’s announcement of supporting its own people:


Somehow this meant that the AFA was irredeemably evil in the eyes of far too many people. But why is it that Europeans are not allowed to have any interest in their own wellbeing while practising a European religion? And why is it an issue that an organisation take a traditional, scientifically accurate view regarding gender?

Truthfully, the answer is simple: the regressive left is incredibly intolerant of any who disagree with their current whims and has successfully trained many people to see the world in such a distorted way. Their endless march to the left has left me politically on the right even without changing much over the years. Being respectful of others and accepting of the existence of differences were once the supposed hallmarks of the left, but now it’s essentially a value of the alt-right alone. What interesting times we live in.

Of course, people love clutching their pearls, but why even make a scene about it? These same people already hated the AFA for being a successful organisation that cared more about its own people than making mindless platitudes to supposed diversity. They already hated that there might be Europeans who care about themselves at all. But that’s somehow racist, even though every other group is allowed to do it.

I don’t see people attacking other ethnic religions for limiting their exposure to unwanted elements. Shinto isn’t attacked. American Indian religions aren’t attacked. But this is the true hilarity: the AFA never said that they weren’t allowing non-Europeans to join. For that matter, they also never said that gay or transgendered people can’t join. Straight Europeans are, however, the primary target demographic one way or another. And haven’t we always talked about the need to grow the religion? People are generally opposed to proselytising, so that really only leaves breeding. Oh, how gauche! What were they thinking in [current year]?

Lucius Helson has done a lovely job pointing out the nonsense of people:

Joseph Bloch also did wonderfully in response:

Even Galina Krasskova had her fun.

Obviously this nonsense couldn’t stop, though. The Troth has been throwing a fit the whole time and has lied every step of the way. Their mind-numbingly stupid, initial response was rather passive for them (archive 1, archive 2):

The Troth is open to all who seek to know and to honor the Gods, ancestors, and values of the Germanic Heathen traditions, regardless of gender, race, nationality or sexual orientation. The Troth stands against any use of Germanic religion and culture to advance causes of racism, sexism, homophobia, white supremacy, or any other form of prejudice.
While we are aware that there are some Asatru organizations that are not inclusive to all people, the Troth’s doors are open to all those who may have been excluded due to their ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or ability. The Troth stands against the AFA’s vision of what Asatru should be, and we do not recognize their beliefs as representative of a majority of American Asatru (Heathenry). There are no arbiters of who can and cannot worship our deities, but the Gods themselves. We are a family religion, and to the Troth that means all families.

Good for them, but they aren’t actually doing anything differently really. They were just using this as a cheap tactic for recruitment, which, if I understand correctly, hasn’t been so great. It was just such a tiresome thing to read, even when written so shortly. There was some amusement in a comment from a certain “Acid Queen”:

So what will you do about AFA members who are also in the Troth?

Incorrect thoughts! Must purge!

But the Troth did not fail me. They had a far more entertaining post just tonight (archive 1, archive 2), of which I will quote the first two paragraphs:

Racist or homophobic actions or speech are considered to be violations of military discipline under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) article 134, and the Canadian Queens Regulations and Orders 103.60. Recent statements from the Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA) that Asatru or Heathenry is only open to those who are white, heterosexual gender conforming are in fact untrue. This represents their internal policies, not Heathen belief. The AFA present the US and Canadian military a clear-cut, but false, statement that those service folk who express Heathen or Asatru religious beliefs are in contravention of UCMJ 134, and QR&O 103.60. Because the Department of Defense guidelines specifically prohibit this sort of prejudice (, the statements of the AFA, if accepted as true, would appear to put Heathen or Asatru soldiers in breach of the policies of the forces and nations they are sworn to serve. This has severe career implications for all Heathen service folk, as well as being a slur upon countless good and worthy men and women who are forbidden by existing regulations to advocate for themselves.

It falls to organizations like The Troth to provide the strong and clear message that Asatru and Heathenry as a whole strongly condemn racism, homophobia, and similar forms of discrimination. For those Heathen men and women who now serve under arms, and who are forbidden to speak in their own defense, let us be as clear as possible.

What delightful lies, hyperbole, and stupidity! Of course, the AFA said nothing of the sort, but why let facts get in the way? They’re so burdensome and inconvenient anyway. Playing pretend is so much more fun, after all.

I just don’t understand how someone can write such a plainly and factually incorrect statement about the AFA. They merely stated their positions, which are not falsifiable. Gender is not a social construct, after all.1In fact, claiming otherwise would undermine the very goals and hopes of transitioning for any transgendered person, as there would suddenly be no point because there’s nothing else there to become. Feminine women and masculine men are the norm. Children are cherished things. Being of European descent cannot be incorrect. Loving your own people is not a crime. None of this is somehow wrong. Supporting these does not make you a bad person.

I am a gay man who is married to another man. I celebrate my English and German heritage, just as my husband celebrates his Swedish heritage. We plan on having kids, which have been otherwise delayed because of financial constraints. I support all of the AFA’s statements. I am not banned by them in the slightest. This does not make me or anyone else homophobic, transphobic, or racist magically. The Troth’s shrieks about military discipline simply do not apply, although it would not take much to level such allegations of racism against them due to their (often self-)hatred of Europeans.

The AFA and the Troth differ a lot. While I have had issues with the former in the past, I consider the latter to be rather unhinged much of the time. But neither is my concern, as I am a member of neither. I have no ties to any organisation. I mind my own business. I don’t force my values onto others.

Sadly, shoving one’s values around seems to be the biggest thing in the eyes of many on the left. It’s an issue that will only hurt Heathendom ultimately.

EDIT (11:20 PM): Joseph Bloch has already penned his piece on the Troth’s latest failure. I rather like one particular paragraph:

The level of self-contradiction here is just incredible. First they say nobody can speak for all Heathens, and then they proceed to… speak for all Heathens. Especially when what the AFA said was neither racist (it is not, by definition, racist to say that all races should have the same opportunity to worship their ancestral gods), nor homophobic (because it’s not homophobic to say that heterosexual relationships are normal and good; doing do is not an implicit or explicit condemnation of non-heterosexual relationships, no matter how hard they want to say otherwise).


1 In fact, claiming otherwise would undermine the very goals and hopes of transitioning for any transgendered person, as there would suddenly be no point because there’s nothing else there to become.


Theodicy—why a good god allows evil—is an astounding issue within Abrahamic religions. A god who is omnibenevolent, omnipotent, and omniscient surely can’t allow evil in the world, yet evil exists. In fact, it seems to be pretty obvious where it comes from:

I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.
Isaiah 45:7 (King James Version)

That certainly doesn’t seem like omnibenevolence to me. And it only becomes worse when you start allowing for Satan doing evil deeds in the world, which undermines omnibenevolence, omnipotence, and omniscience simultaneously. This leads to a variety of attempts to explain away evil, such as Augustinian theodicy, which says that everything is the result of original sin and poorly used free will, or Irenaean theodicy, which states that evil is needed for human development. But why would we be punished for something thousands of years ago? And what development do we need from, for example, having a town die from bombing or a person torturing children?

Simply put, Heathendom does not have this issue in the slightest. Our gods are not omnibenevolent, omnipotent, or omniscient. They have flaws like we do. They are subject to Wyrd just as we are. There are limits to their knowledge, though those limits are far beyond ours. They can’t be everywhere at once, nor are they required to be. And it’s not as though they’re the only things out there.  Elves, wights, ancestors, and so much more hold sway over the world. It is in their multiplicity and differing goals that bad things may happen.

We don’t, however, require all actions to stem from the Ēse or the myriad other beings out there. Humans can do horrible things all on their own. To quote Hobbes, life can be solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. Of all things, we’re very adept at continuing such issues.

Ultimately, however, the concept of evil for Heathendom is only superficially similar to that of Christendom. Whereas Christendom views morality in very black and white terms, a Heathen views the concept with a far greater spectrum of options; there are many shades of grey in between. Things are relative. An invading nation may be evil to those being conquered, but the invaders may view this act as good, for they may have secured more farmland and other resources, thus allowing the nation to prosper. Another nation may view this as allowing for new trade opportunities, but also with wariness of an expanding power; it’s a mixed bag. Likewise, fire is a joy on a cold night and is good, but an arsonist may rob a family of its home and livelihood and thereby making the fire and the arsonist evil. A neighbour may be saddened for the loss and the damage that it does for the community, but with this he may find new work while the victim recovers and help his family.

Morality is not simple. It is a matter of how something impacts a family or a community. If it is helpful to the group, then it may be good. If it is harmful, then it may be evil. It is important to keep this in mind. Few things are very clearcut.